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外籍導師 Mr. Art 專頁

Mr. Art 是一位教學經驗豐富的外籍英語導師,教育碩士畢業。Mr. Art 除了在城市大學任教外,亦與該大學教授合作撰寫有關教育及心理學書籍,並曾在本地多間著名中學及大埔區的小學任教。Mr. Art以互動有趣的教學方式,鼓勵學生踴躍發言,加強學生自信,並提升他們的英語水平及學習興趣。
Mr. Art 現正在本中心任教以下課程 : 

 ‧ 小組或單對單針對性研習班

 ‧ 劍橋英語系列 - Flyers + 課外書籍導修班 (參考年級:小學四至六年級)

 ‧ 劍橋英語系列 - PET + 課外書籍導修班 (參考年級:中學一至三年級)

 ‧ 劍橋英語系列 - FCE + 課外書籍導修班 (參考年級:中學三至六年級)

 ‧ ​升中面試班

Course Descriptions by Mr. Art:

By special arrangement, students with specific objectives and priorities can be scheduled with our Native Instructor, who is also an Adjunct Professor. He has a full curriculum library for ages ranging from 6 to 21.
Students in the recent past have measurably improved pronunciation through phonics, writing, spoken English, presentation-skills, and knowledge in target areas such as history, business and literature. Private enrichment lessons are also offered for younger students.
劍橋英語系列 - Flyers + 課外書籍導修班
Students at this level will be prepared to take the British Council’s Cambridge Flyers Examination offered periodically in Hong Kong. They will be taught test-taking strategies and introduced to the six basic Cambridge formats required: Find the Differences, Tell the Story, Information Exchange, Fundamental Reading Passage Comprehension, Fill-In and Multiple-Choice.
Those who remain in the Flyers class for extended periods of time will markedly improve spoken fluency, vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Enrichment exercises, stories, relevant videos and audio tracks will focus the attention of students on key aspects of English acquisition.
劍橋英語系列 - PET + 課外書籍導修班
This class is designed for those who have completed the Cambridge KET level exam satisfactorily. It is aimed at Junior Form students who wish to pass the British PET Qualification Exam, which demonstrates mastery of mid to high levels of competency in conversational, conceptual and written English.
This class, at Star Art, has been quite successful in introducing students to classic English and American novels, in abridged format, as well as to moderately difficult exercises in grammar, syntax and composition.  Students are prepared for oral presentations and engage in confidence-building activities related to the stories and novels they are studying.
劍橋英語系列 - FCE + 課外書籍導修班
This class is usually reserved for pre-university students in Senior Forms who wish to deepen their knowledge of English grammar, structure, formal vocabulary, and concept development. At Star Art, we have been successful in improving HKDSE results with this course.  Several FCE students have achieved 5 single and double star marks in recent years. 
This class also prepares students for the British First Certificate of English, a permanent qualification useful in the UK, Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand. Students study advanced texts, usually famous novels, short stories or historical essays and greatly improve their analytical and interpretive skills in English.
By equipping students with the proper knowledge and skills, this 10-lesson Interview class enables them to feel confident and relaxed during their Pre-Secondary Interview which takes place between P6 and F1, as they compete for admission to their preferred secondary school.
Ten major interview themes are studied and suggested responses are taught. Mock interviews are conducted and students are rated on their performance, creating an exciting and realistic interview experience. Star Art Interview students are almost always accepted by the school of their choice and gain confidence, poise and self-esteem upon completion of the ten lesson sequence.
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